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What is I/AM/?


I/AM/ enables customers to centrally manage their entire digital real estate leveraging Microsoft Azure enabling streamlined development, near-instant localization, and the ability to reach customers more quickly than ever.

Peter Proud, Managing Director

Open More Possibilities

Open more possibilities

Accessible anywhere, our platform lets you securely deploy websites with just a few clicks, control where your information is published, and centralise all of your assets - saving you time for other opportunities.

Always Available

Always Available

Report any issues anywhere through our online platform and learn from each other through our community base. Stay relaxed, we're always here to help you and make sure your web application is running successfully.

Personalise Your Experience

Personalise your experience

Personalise your experiences. Whether you are launching locally or globally, I/AM/ allows you to adapt your messaging to everyone. Understand your customer to ensure you are launching a worldwide successful website.

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Russell Wilson

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